Altoona now concentrates all its experience in visual communication and complete customer satisfaction. Producing and designing high quality LED displays, as well as providing the necessary certifications for each project. It offers help and assistance to customers in the maintenance of LED screens all over the world.


Altoona has been providing valuable products for a variety of uses for almost 30 years employing quality components in order to offer safe and high performing results. The final solution is a high-performance LED display that excels even in the most adverse conditions.


Altoona offers maximum flexibility and passion in finding the ideal solution. This is why each project is customized and suitable for any situation. The company supports its customers in every phase: from choosing the product up to after-sales assistance.

Creative solution

Thanks to production flexibility, Altoona creates its light displays to satisfy any type of request. Have a look at our products and find out what we do.


Founded in 1989, Altoona specializes in the production of full color LED displays that use today’s latest high technology.  During its first years in business, so it has unique experience that it draws upon during the design and construction of its products.

  • Experience since 1989

    Altoona is working in the field of full colour LEDs for 30 years, helping customers in find the ideal product.

  • LED technology

    Altoona offers high quality LEDs to guarantee top product performance.

  • Production

    Altoona produces high-end LED displays, guaranteeing 100% reliability of the product.

  • Complete service

    Altoona offers a wide range of services to satisfy its customers and make their work easier.

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