Maxi Screen – One of the biggest in Europe!

Altoona has manufactured and installed one of largest outdoor LED screens in Europe. The giant screen has been installed at the new Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm. It is a mega-screen totalling 530 square meters (46 meters wide by 15 meters high). The structure of the display is fixed to the wall of the shopping center creating a very impressive and eye catching L shape.

The high architectural specification of the mall demanded a quality product. The technology used is 3-in-1 SMD LEDs and there are a total of 3,278,400 making up the screen. Given the frequently cold ambient weather conditions the screen has an automatic temperature control system to ensure the electronics work at controlled temperatures.

Circular screens

Altoona has installed two circular screens in Carrefour shopping malls, which are both 10 square meters. Form a ring that is fully compatible with the desk top of electronic devices. The display is made up of semi-flexible boards with magnets so that they can hook up to the structure with ease.

Altoona dives into the swimming pools

Altoona has now installed a certain amount of screens inside swimming pools. It is a product that is used more and more in swimming sports because it is possible to show the race live and at the same time view the rankings. In fact, we have also integrated timing software with that of the display.

With this type of installation it is very important to use a good quality product, both the electronic and the mechanical parts, as the environment is very humid and rich in chlorine, which with time can corrode.

That is why the customer has chosen Altoona because he wants a reliable product that has been researched down to the smallest detail.