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Founded in 1989, Altoona specializes in the production of full color LED displays that use today’s latest high technology.  Altoona operated almost exclusively abroad during its first years in business, so it has unique experience that it draws upon during the design and construction of its products.

Developments in LED technology have significantly expanded the market in the sectors where this type of display is used.

In 2007 Altoona moved to new premises, with a bigger production area and research and development labs where new products are being developed.

Operational flexibility combined with a continuous search for innovation allows us to offer customized products and customized systems.

Altoona company is continuously growing and does business on all 5 continents.


Since Altoona pays close attention to the changes and demands of the market, it constantly invests part of its resources into research and development.

This ongoing commitment ensures that the company can come up with innovative designs to remain highly competitive on the market and be able to set new industry standards for technology and quality.

The new products come from an analysis of market needs and developments when using modern electronic technology and the result is a range of truly innovative products.

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